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Here is a list of helpful education materials for children and adults 

A Resource List for Educating Children


The Mama Bear Effect - (non-profit organization changing the

way people think, talk and respond to child sexual abuse

Aha! Parenting (Dr. Laura Markham)

KidsLiveSafe- (extensive coverage)

Committee for Children-

Internet Security-

The Very Well Family- (look under kids health)

National Childhood Advocacy Centers - (this is helpful if you are

in need of finding an advocacy center in your area.

The primary goal of a CAC is to minimize the level of trauma experienced by child

victims, improve prosecutions and provide efficient and thorough provision if

necessary services to the child victim and the child's family.


I Said No! A kid-to- kid guide to keeping private parts private. Ages 4-9 Zach and

Kimberly King

Let’s talk about Body Boundaries, Consent and Respect. Jayneen Sanders

Body Safety Education- A parents guide to protecting kids from sexual abuse.

Jayneen Sanders

Do You Have A Secret? Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

Some Parts Are Not For Sharing- 6 months and up

Good Pictures/Bad Pictures- Ages 5-10 K. Jensen J .Poyner

Everyone’s Got a Bottom - Ages 3-8 Tess Rowley

Your Body Belongs to You -Ages 3-6 Cornelia Spellman

My Body Belongs to Me- Ages 3-8 Jill Stariveshky

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept- Ages 3-8 Janeen Sanders


1. The Deepest Well by Nadine Harris

2. How To Do The Work by Dr. Nicole LePera

3. Set Boundaries, Find Peace by Nedra Tawwab

4. Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown

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