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What my clients are saying...

What can I say except LIFE CHANGING? Michelle is a people whisperer!

 She somehow just by asking questions was able to walk me through areas of my life and help me understand why I do the things I do.

 I have discovered what is important to me and have prioritized my life.

 I was having difficulty with sleep issues and low energy. Now, I am aware of energy power foods and am eating healthy. By increasing my exercise and decreasing stress I am now sleeping better than I have in years.

 She has changed the way I face each day and I am loving life! 

Thank you Michelle Sullivan

Melissa Paris MSN, RN, CM


What would happen if you began the journey? 

Many people will wait because they are stuck in their limiting stories. 

I don't have the time..

I don't have the money..

I am afraid I will fail..

I don't deserve to be happy and whole..

These are all false stories that you have either heard or you have imposed them on yourself. 

What if you could take empowered action now1 

  I am here to support you! 

Here is another amazing testimonial from a client...


 What a difference it made in my life!

 I have been a life long devotee to loosing weight. I have met my goal weight several times but I never seemed to keep the weight off.

 My last doctors' visit was a wake up call for me.

 I was diagnosed with kidney disease and was pre-diabetic.

 I knew it was now or never to make the lasting changes so that I could live a long healthy life. 

 With Michelle's coaching, I was able to finally change my mindset around food and realized that "food is medicine". 

I am now managing my health from a more empowered place and am making great improvements.  I am at my goal weight, my cholesterol is normal and my kidneys are beginning to improve. 

 While working with Michelle, I felt that she believed in me and was very encouraging. She made me feel like I could do what needed to be done. She provided me with resources and materials to help educate me along the way. I learned new things that have become a part of my new lifestyle.

I am so grateful to her. 

 She had my back!

 She will have yours too!

Rose Marie Sutherland, retired and loving life

"She provided me with lots of great tools"

I approached Michelle because I saw firsthand the positive changes in her, and that was contagious.

 I wanted to experience positive change in my life.

 Michelle helped me by encouraging me to deal with family of origin issues.

 She made me feel hopeful and empowered to move forward. 

Michelle provided me with lots of great tools which I can continue to use.

 To borrow and adage, Michelle just didn't just catch a fish for me, she taught me how to fish.

 I am grateful for Michelle's gifts as a coach, the opportunity to work with her and the changes I'm experiencing.

Weldon Patterson 

"I felt like I could trust her"

I approached Michelle at the suggestion of a friend. I was not sure if this was for me, but thankfully, my friend knew better.  Michelle assisted me in finding the direction I was needing in my life. She did not hold my hand or tell me what she thought was best for me. She simply allowed me to find my own way with her valuable, but gently presented insight.

I felt safe with Michelle, like I feel at home. 

I felt like I could trust her. 

She provided me with tools that I continue to use daily.

She helped me by providing practical ways to set goals and met with me weekly to review and assess my progress. 

I am most grateful for Michelle's ...positive attitude, professionalism and caring spirit. 


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