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It's time to focus on you..

  • Are you looking to get in touch with a part of yourself you might have lost a long time ago?
  • What if you could heal what traumatized  you at a young age? 
  • How would it feel if you were to create new way of thinking and believing?
  • How would it feel to begin to look forward to each day instead of dreading it? 
  • What if you could begin to love yourself for who you really are and begin to live in an authentic way? 

Ways I have supported my clients...

  • Working through childhood  trauma and connecting with your Inner Child.
  • Grief Support and direction for the future after the loss of a loved one.
  • Caring for special needs family members and balancing your own life. 
  • Learning how to love yourself and live authentically.
  • How to create healthy boundaries and having the confidence to say no so you can say yes to what you really want in life. 
  • Regain a sense of self that is whole, confident and able to make empowering decisions in your life, in your family and in your relationships.
  • Create healthy habits that improve your quality of life. 

My Program Offerings

90 Day ​Coaching Program

12 Sessions

​My most popular program 

12 Total sessions 

1-1.5 hours per session

Meets on a weekly basis

Personal One on One time

Can be done in person (if you are local), by phone or video conferencing

Curated  for your specific needs. We work together to design the path that will be the best fit for you. 

This is by far the most popular and easy w​ay for us to w​ork together. Regardless of where you live we can use my private Zoom Room for our weekly sessions. 

Clarity Group Coaching​

6 Sessions with no more than 4 in a group

6 Total sessions

1-1.5 hours per session

Meets on a weekly basis

A Mastermind Group to help you get the help and accountability you need to meet you greatest challenges in your life

 One on One focus with you, while being in a group setting. 

Our sessions will be done  through

   video conferencing.

Because this is a modified version of my signature program we will focus on one thing that you want to work on

​This program is specially curated for your specific needs.

Blueprint Coaching Call​ 

This offer is for a one time coaching session

1 -1.5 hour session

This program will help evaluate where you might be stuck  and how we can together create an action plan on how to move ahead. 

Create New Action Steps for your Life

This  offering can be used as often as needed after you have worked with me  in my 12 week program

When was the last time you talked with someone about your life story and received the personal attention you needed?

What My Clients Are Saying About  Us Working Together...

When I met Michelle I was struggling with depression to the point that I was not sure  I wanted to live anymore.  I was not in a good space. A friend of mine knew her personally and told me about the work she has done in her own life.

She had shared with me how Michelle decided to get to the root of what was really holding her back.

After a conversation with her on the phone, I found that I felt comfortable with her. She really listened to me. I felt heard for the first time in my life. 

We have been working for over a year and I am so grateful that  I said yes to working with her. 

She has helped me see that I can allow myself to go back to  some of the difficult times in my life and heal that wounded inner child she talks about. 

I am not the same person I was a year ago. I am still learning and growing but now I have tools  I didn't have before. 

I am healing and I am grateful for everyday. Thank you Michelle! 



I am 85 years young.  I have a zest for life but I was struggling with not getting enough sleep.  After meeting Michelle, I felt confident that we could work together. She really listened to my sleep concerns and we were able to develop a new habit of powering down my devices, and learning better ways to relax in the evenings.  As a result of working with her for 90 days, I now am sleeping 7-8 hours a night.  I was averaging 4 hours before working with her. It was extremely helpful to have accountability in the areas of sleep and relaxation. My memory had also improved as a result of getting a good night rest.  If you are looking for someone to work with you that is genuine yet firm, she won't let you down. We still connect once a month and she continues to help me with lasting habit changes. 

John Sullivan SR  Retired FAA-Business Entrepreneur

I began working with Michelle over a year ago now. What really peaked my interest was that she helped me find certain foods to help calm my cravings. I had no idea what my body was needing to calm my cravings.  During our time of working together, I have gone off all sugar and gluten. My skin is clearing up from psoriasis.   I have made a big change in the foods I eat. I really am more aware of what my body needs to function everyday. Being a hairdresser, I am on my feet constantly and it has been very hard on my body.  Michelle coached me with compassion and care and showed  me how to make beneficial decisions that are changing the course of my life not only now but into the future as well.  I am still working on the areas of weight loss and health but I am confident with her coaching,  I am going to continue to meet the goals I have set for myself. 

M. Lewis

More testimonials

I sought out Michelle because I was having some difficulty with my relationships. I had a hard time saying no to people because of my desire to be loved and appreciated by them.  

While working with Michelle she taught me about the importance of boundaries and that it is actually ok to say no. That was a new thing for me because I was used to saying yes all of the time. 

She also introduced me to a few books that I read on my own that really opened up my eyes. One of my favorites is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I have learned so much and now have tools that I didn't have before. 

I am happier in my relationships since I was coached by Michelle. 

I highly recommend her! 

A. M. 

Looking back to where we started and where we have come, I can honestly say that I am no longer the person I was before. God has used you to gently lead and guide me into who I am today. Growth was made possible through your loving encouragement and commitment to always believe in me. I am more confident, more self accepting, less judgmental and more forgiving. 

I've learned to take baby steps, take deep breaths and spend time doing/being happy, letting stress go and picking up daily joys.

You have given me a great arsenal with which to continue to move forward.

L. E.

I approached Michelle because I needed encouragement, guidance, and accountability as I saw areas in my life that needed improvement. Michelle helped me by providing weekly, one hour sessions designed to help me focus and take action on my areas of concern.  Michelle made me feel supported, cared about, and empowered. She provided me with everything I needed, action steps, resources, and a foundation for continued growth.

Michelle helped me by enabling me to see how my thoughts, the things I tell myself, can be empowering or crippling. ​I am most grateful for Michelle's genuine desire to impact lives, for positive growth and change. When my clarity journey began, I was physically weak, emotionally spent, and stressed over work and finances. Today and going forward, I am active and strong, enjoying life, and taking steps towards achieving career goals and debt reduction.

S. Scott 

If not now? When? ​

Michelle Sullivan

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